Statewide Training Academy, Inc.    
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In hopes that students interested in attending our academy have a more complete understanding we have included some "F"requently "A"sked "Q"uestions:

1.  What is Level I and Level II Training?

Level One (I) Training has been repealed by the Texas Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau, Administrative Rules as of February 1st, 2010.  Therefore all persons seeking a license through the Texas Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau are no longer required to complete Level One (I) training (either in a classroom setting or online).   When you are hired by a Security Company (in Texas), and you intent to be be registered as a Commissioned (armed) Security Officer or a Non-Commissioned (unarmed) Security Officer, Level Two(II) training will be REQUIRED IN A CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT (the Online Test version is also no longer available).  Statewide Training Academy now conducts Level Two(II) Training and all courses are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

During Level Two(II) training you will be administered the required Level Two(II) Training material.  You will then take a test.  Once you pass it you are awarded a certificate of completion showing you completed Level Two(II) Training. 

You do not need to complete Level Two(II) training in order to sign up and attend a Level III Commission Course.  However, once your selected security employer sends the application to the State to apply for a Commission License you will have to have already completed Level Two(II), or at least be sending in the Level Two(II) Certificates of Completion at the same time you are applying.

2.  Were can I apply for a security job with a Licensed Security Agency?

If you are interested in Employment in the security profession you can apply for a job at the below listed address.  Also, at the website below you can also print an Application for Employment.  Statewide Patrol, Inc. (our parent company) is hiring full time & part-time non-commissioned (unarmed) and commissioned (armed) security officers in the Dallas, Austin and San Antonio Areas!
We recommend that you call the local Branch Office which you are applying at and request and interview. 
The below listed link has all our addresses and phone numbers to our branch.


3.  Must I take Level III training prior to Level IV Training?

Yes, their is a requirement that you complete Level III (Security Commission School) Training prior to attending Level IV Personal Protection Officer (Bodyguard) Training.  Once you complete Level III Training you will be issued a Course Completion Certificate.  You are not officially Commissioned at this time only after your employer submits the Certificate to the State Regulatory Commission and then they issue you a "Commission" then you are officially commissioned as an "Armed Security Officer" in Texas. 
Then, you can register and take Level IV Training to be licensed as a Bodyguard in Texas.  Again, your employer will need to apply for your Level IV Bodyguard license.  Once it's send to your employer and you sign it and affix a picture you are then officially licensed to perform Bodyguard Services in Texas.
NOTE:  You can apply for a Level III and Level IV license simultaneously.  I would recommend they be sent in the same package.  If sent separately and the Level IV is processed before the Level III then your license will be delayed from the State.  Again, you must have a current Level III License (or at least be applying simultaneously) in order to apply for a Level IV License to conduct Personal Protection (Bodyguard) work.


4.  Is the OCAT Course an Instructor Course?

No, the OCAT course is not an Instructor Course.  It is a Basic 2-Year Certification for only you, the student.  This course does not permit you to certify other students.  Also, the PATH and MEB courses are the same.  They are individual student certifications and not Instructor Certification.


5.  Are Level III and Level IV licenses good outside Texas?

No, both the Level III and Level IV licenses are only valid in Texas.  The licenses allow security officers and bodyguards to carry handguns only in Texas.  They are valid in all 254 counties in Texas.  But not valid outside the Great State of Texas.  For licenses in other states you should consult with the current regulatory agency in that State.


6.  Does Level III or Level IV training certify you to carry or recieve a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHL) in Texas?

No, Level III training is the 30-hour State Mandated training you must complete in order to apply for a license to become an "armed" security officer in Texas.  The Level IV training is the 15-hour State Mandated training you must complete in order to apply for a license to become an "armed" bodyguard in Texas.  Neither of these licenses with cross over or give you credit towards the 10-hour State Manated training which is required in order to apply for a license to recieve a CHL and become an "armed" private citizen.


7.  What is the difference between the MEB (Baton) certification and the popular ASP (Baton) certification?

Not much, both the MEB program that this Academy teaches and the ASP program will certify you in the proper strike techniques of a straight or expandable baton.  The reason our Academy choose to teach the MEB (Monadnock Expandable Baton) program is because under the MEB guidelines of this program they will certify you for any "brand" of baton you carry.  Unlike the ASP program will only certify you when you are carrying their "brand" of baton (ie. an ASP brand of baton).


8.  Do you have to qualify with a handgun in the Level IV Personal Protection Officer Course?

No.  You do not have to shoot a handgun to qualify as part of the requirements of the Level IV PPO Course.  This 15-hours of training by State Mandate does not involve qualification with a handgun.  However, you should be advised that in order to apply to the State Regulatory Agency (The Texas Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau) for a Bodyguard License you will have to provide them a recent Level III ReQualification Certificate within the last 90-days.  The ReQualification is offered separately at this Academy if you require a current ReQualification.  Also, you should be advised that in order to apply for a Level IV PPO License you must have completed the Level III Commission Security Officer Training Course (30-hours).  Keep in mind that part of the required training in Level III is to qualify with a handgun.  This is where you will receive your handgun training.  Additionally, the Academy has recently added a "Tactical Handgun" optional course to the Level IV PPO Bodyguard Course.  For an additional fee of $150.00.  This fee will include a paid range fee, use of Academy Handguns, ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection, and "hostage" targets.  Some of the course tactics will include close-quarter shooting techniques, tactical drawing techniques from concealed hosters, treat assesments in a shoot/no shoot situations, weapon clearning drills, moving and shooting, and shooting multiple threat targets.  Instruction will also include "surgical shooting" with the use of the Academies M-4 (Mini AR-15) .223 calibur with Hostage Targets.


9.  How will my employer know that I graduated an Academy Course?

Each student whom sucessfully completes a training course at the Academy will be issued a "Course Completion Certificate".  This document can be given to your Employer as proof that you completed the course.  Note:  The MEB (Baton Certification) course only offers a "pocket card" as proof of completion.  You do not recieve a wall-style diploma or "Course Completion Certificate".  Only a laminated pocket card.


10.  By completing the Level III or Level IV Training Course do I get registered with the State Regulatory Agency (The Texas Dept. of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau)?

No.  You merely recieve the Training and a "Course Completion Certificate" from this Academy.  To apply for an actual license to become an "armed" security officer in Texas (Level III) or an "armed" bodyguard in Texas (Level IV) you must be employed with a licensed security company in Texas.  Your employer (the security company you go to work for) will be required to submit your "Course Completion Certificate" to the State, along with the appropriate fee, Application, Fingerprints etc. in order to apply for your license.  You license will be mailed to your employer.  Not you individually.


11.  I have an armed license as a security officer from Louisiana.  Does my training transfer to Texas?

No.  If you have a license in Louisiana then it is not good in Texas, unfortunately.  Your training in Louisiana will not transfer to Texas either.  So if you want to be commissioned to be an "armed" security officer in Texas you must go to work for a licensed security company in Texas. You then must attend "LEVEL III COMMISSION SCHOOL (30-HOURS TRAINING)".  You cannot attend our ReQual (8-hour) Course because you are not currently comissioned armed in Texas.  The ReQual course is for current Level III Commissioned Armed Officers in Texas whom have expiring licenses.  Therefore, you must attend the full 30-hour Commission Course.


12.  I am a Law Enforement Officer in Texas.  Will courses at the Academy count toward training with TCLEOSE?

Yes. Courses offered by Statewide Security Training Academy, Inc. may be submitted to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) for credi

Use the form called Report of Training through TCLEOSE.

To view the Report of Training form you can click on the link provided below:


13.  How old do you have to be to take the Level III Security Commission Course in Texas?

You must be at least 18 Years of Age.


14.  If I am under the age of 21 and attend Level III Commission School (since you only have to be 18 or older).  How will I obtain a handgun and ammo?

If you are under the age of 21 (age to buy Handgun and ammo in Texas) then your parent or legal guardian can legally purchase the Handgun and ammo on your behalf and give it to you as a Lawfully Commissioned Security Officer (18 years of age and up).  Also, any licensed security company that you get employed with can also "issue" or "sign-out" a Handgun and ammo to a Lawfully Commissioned Security Officer.


15.  How long does it take to get my Concealed Handgun Permit from the State (once I complete training and submit my Application)?

We are seeing that the Texas Dept. of Public Safety-Concealed Handgun Licensing Unit is getting CHL Permits issued to Applicants in approximately 4-5 weeks.  However, keep in mind that the State has 60-days in which to give you a license (or they must send you a letter stating there has been a delay in your processing or your Application is somehow Incomplete).


16.  Do you teach courses in other States beside the State of Texas?

No.  We only teach courses in Texas.  Most the courses and Certifications are good only in Texas.  For example the Texas Concealed Handgun Course is for persons residing in Texas to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit in Texas.  The Level III Security Officer Commission Course is for Security Officers, in Texas, whom want to be certified by the State to become an Armed Security Officer.  Therefore, we only teach courses in our Academies in Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX and Dallas, TX.  Private courses outside our Academies can be arranged.  Please call for more information.