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Level II Course

Level Two (II) Course  

COURSE TITLE:      Level Two(II) Course

COURSE TIME:       6 Hours (State Mandated)

COURSE FEE:          $125.00
INCLUDED:              All course materials, Level Two(II) Training manual,
                                    of a course completion certificate to successful students)


DESCRIPTION:       This course covers the required State-Approved curriculum 
                                    required by
The Texas Department of Public Safety-
                                    Private Security Bureau
in order
to certify an officer as 
                                    having completed a course of study for Level Two(II) 
                                    Training in accordance with Chapter 1702 of the Texas 
                                    Occupations Code.


FORMAT:                 Custom Developed Microsoft®  PowerPoint Presentation 
                                    of Level Two(II) 
Training Manual. 


AGE:                          18 Years of Age, Minimum           


If you are interested in becoming an security officer (or working in any licensed position) you will be required to attend six(6) hours of classroom training and in accordance with the rules set forth in Chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupations Code and receive a Certificate of Training showing you completed Level Two(II) training.



Level One (I) Training has been repealed by the Texas Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau, Administrative Rules as of February 1st, 2010.  Therefore all persons seeking a license through the Texas Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau are no longer required to complete Level One (I) training (either in a classroom setting or online).   When you are hired by a Security Company (in Texas), and you intent to be be registered as a Commissioned (armed) Security Officer or a Non-Commissioned (unarmed) Security Officer, Level Two(II) training will be REQUIRED IN A CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT (the Online Test version is also no longer available).  Statewide Training Academy now conducts Level Two(II) Training and all courses are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

During Level Two(II) training you will be administered the required Level Two(II) Training material.  You will then take a test.  Once you pass it you are awarded a certificate of completion showing you completed Level Two(II) Training. If you are interested in Employment in the security profession we would direct you to an excellent employment opprotunity with Statewide Patrol, Inc. (our parent company), you will be offered Level Two(II) training (free of charge) as part of your New Hire Orientation once hired.

You do not need to complete Level Two(II) training in order to sign up and attend a Level III Commission Course.  However, once your selected security employer sends the application to the State to apply for a Commission License you will have to have already completed Level Two(II), or at least be sending in the Level Two(II) Certificates of Completion at the same time you are applying.